Which one? I need the advice from my wonderful PF friends!

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  1. Argh! I have finally convinced myself that I AM a shoulder bag woman and have given up the opportunity to get a great deal on a Fuschia Neo Speedy :confused1:

    Anywhoo- which one would you pick? Denim Baggy GM/PM or a MC Boulogne?

    Is MC Boulogne discontinued? What do you think of the one on LT?


    I like the Denim Baggy and to me it doesn't seem to matter which size because my Coach Legacy Shoulder does me justice when I am in the mood for toting a downsized amount of stuff.

    Alrighty ladies- unload your thoughts to me because your opinions do count so much to me! TIA for all the help- :yes:

  2. hum, I'd go w/MC b/c you can use it during winter too, the Denim would a a bit difficult to use past summer IMO. :flowers:
  3. Denim Baggy PM !!
  4. ^^ I agree, MC is more versatile and I think it would suit your vibrant personality better, Frozen!
  5. I think I like the Denim baggy better than the shape of that particular MC, but I would normally pick a MC.
  6. :flowers:

    See you guys are too sweet and I truly appreciate this Forum- I LOVE THIS PLACE AND THE PEOPLE-- Y'ALL ARE AWESOME!!!
  7. Remembering the beautiful pictures of where you live (and 45F on 4th July?), I'd say MC. It would be gorgeous with the clear blue / pure white.:yes:
  8. I vote for the Denim baggy pm or gm!:smile:
  9. Definitely choose the MC Boulogne!
  10. Denim Baggy GM/PM:yahoo:
  11. My vote is for denim!!!
  12. Denim Baggy GM!
  13. Definitely Baggy PM/GM! The Fuschia would look so wonderful against all of the snow in Barrow or Fairbanks! Plus the hot pink would go well with your outgoing personality!
  14. I personally like the denim better than the MC bag.
  15. I like the Denim Baggy PM!!