which one? helpppp!!!


which bag should i get?

  1. Gucci Britt tote with shoulder strap - black

  2. LV Black Denim Neo Cabby GM

  3. Chanel Baby Cabas in black leather

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  1. hello everyone!! i know this is the LV thread but i need help deciding among these 3
    wonderful handbags!!! Anniversary is today but hubby said we can go pick out the one
    i want tomorrow and we're also celebrating tomorrow as well. I have an uncle visiting
    from Asia, and he leaves tomorrow, so we didn't want to take time away from him. So
    anyway, out of these 3 bags, which one would you pickkkk??!!! HONEST OPINION!! im so confused. I love all handbags, not just gucci... i had to pick a screen name real quick and that was what just came to mind, sooo please don't bash me.. hehehe - Thanks everyone!!!

    1. Gucci Britt Tote w/shoulder strap - black & gold

    2. LV Neo Cabby GM - black denim

    3. Chanel Baby Cabas - Black caviar leather [i would have to call around for this one due to availability]

    i also posted this in the gucci forum as well, if you happen to run across it there.
  2. Honestly, I would pick the Neo Cabby GM in black denim. That bag is on my wishlist!
  3. I agree the Neo Cabby Gm in black is TDF!!!
  4. I love LV but love gucci too. I say get the gucci tote!!!
  5. I would pick the Neo Cabby! Lucky you!
  6. i have the chanel coco cabas, and absolutely love it!!!! it's my most fave bag ever. i was so close to buying the neo cabby, but thought, it has a similar, somewhat, shape to the coco cabs when carried over the shoulder. and since i'mso happy with the coco cabas, i decided not to get it. i think the neo cabby will be around longer than the coco cabas.
  7. oops, double pst
  8. I say go with the Neo Cabby!!! I love this bag!!!
  9. I love all the bags you listed but I'd go with the Baby Cabas. I love it!!
  10. I voted for the chanel ... was not too crazy about the neo cabby ... just wasn't black enough for me I guess, more like dark gray ...
  11. Go with the neo cabby!! It's such a different bag!
  12. i say cabas or neo cabby..... i guess it depends on weather you want a longer strap or not.. sorry i'm not much help!
  13. Eeeek! tough decision since they are all great. I voted for the Cabby, but my final decision is the chanel. I'm not a big fan of the denim, but i love the way the cabby looks so much. coco cabas, cabby, coco cabas, cabby, coco cabas. sorry i'm not much help. maybe just get both
  14. I vote for the chanel cabas. Happy Anniversary!!
  15. i have a cabby so i may be biased lol. i picked cabby but would go with cabas as a 2nd choice.