Which one? Help!

  1. I vote Olivia.

    I wasn't a fan of the Josey in person. Nordstrom put them on sale for the half yearly sale. Even though it was well made and I love Gryson, it felt very stiff and and heavy (like Chloe leather). The Olivia seems more smooshy.
  2. I vote for the Josey. I don't have an Olivia, but I have the skye in black and the josey in tan. True, the josey isn't smooshy, but I love the leather, and it has gotten softer with wear. I also like the straps better than the ones on the Olivia/Skye (it works as a shoulder bag or as a messanger). I don't think the bag is too heavy, even when loaded with stuff. I'm not a big fan of my skye b/c I think it's too small, but the Olivia obviously doesn't have that problem. The only downside to the Josey is that the slider isn't as easy to operate as a zipper, although I've gotten used to it - actually, come to think of it, I'm not sure it's much more difficult than a heavy zipper. Again, with use/wear, it's gotten easier.
  3. I don't have a gryson bag but just from looking at them I like the Josey, something about the handles and the way they hand on the Olivia irk me.
  4. between these two :

    i'll go for the josey :p
  5. Well, now I'm leaning Josey. Uggg, they're both so pretty.
  6. i'm going against the majority. i think the josie is a bit plain looking...:wondering i like the olivia/skye a lot, but after seeing it in person, i feel the handles are a bit hard to "handle".

    sorry if i didn't help much =P
  7. One last push for the Josey - whenever I use it, I always get lots of compliments on it. I think it just stands out as a beautiful bag (I can't say the same about my Skye when I've used it). Also, when the bag isn't stuffed, it folds up a little, so it's more like a hobo.

    That being said, I just ordered the black Olivia from rarechic ... I decided to sell my skye and go for the bigger one (plus the sale price was too good to pass up).
  8. I might have to go for the Josey then. It seems like a popular shape for fall so I know that it will carry me through some time. Plus, it was in Lucky.....
  9. I prefer the look of the Josey
  10. I like the Olivia much better. It seems more original to me!