Which one? Help me pick a new bag


Which bag?

  1. Francesco Biasia hobo

  2. Billy Bag tote

  3. Bree hobo

  4. MbyMJ satchel

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm looking for a casual everyday bag and have a lower budget than I thought due to damn car repairs and insurance :tdown: Help me pick a bag from one of these:

    1. Francesco Biasia hobo
    2. Billy Bag tote
    3. Bree Hobo
    4. MbyMJ satchel
    biasia.jpg billy bag.JPG bree.jpeg mj.jpg
  2. I would definitely say the first one, the Francesca Biasa hobo. Its got a nice design.
  3. I vote FB. I have one and they're very well made, good value.
  4. Yeah I like FB stuff - I have a big tote and love it. Two votes to FB so far :tup:
  5. I vote for the first one too. I think overall black is more "everyday" than blue, and the other black one is rather plain.
  6. Biasia...i really like the glossy black.
  7. I'd also choose the Biasia bag.
  8. The FB for sure!
  9. Yep, I like the first one best too.
  10. Definitely the Francesco Biasia hobo... very chic, :tup: would go w/everything!
  11. I love the first one, but I really love the MbyMJ bag too! Are you buying the MbyMj bag off of E-bay or online somewhere else? I remember when they had it out, and I had really liked it!
  12. I like the Billy Tote. great with jeans and a tee. Depends on whether you want to be able to dress it up or not.
  13. I like the first one best, too! As long as you can get all your everyday stuff into it. I usually need a slightly bigger bag than that. But it is adorable!
  14. I like the first one best. :yes:
  15. I'd got for the Biasia bag too. It has much better details that the others!