Which One? Help me out!

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Which Black Tote?

  1. Black Patent Glam Tote

  2. Black Leather Magazine Tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. so i have the black patent glam tote. and i LOVE it. but now i have the chance to get the black leather magazine tote. i had it for a second in lavendar and LOVED it also! i didn't keep it because it wasn't in mint condition as described. now i have the chance to get it NWT in black leather . i don't need 2 black leather totes. which one would you go with?
    lining for the glam tote is a mint green and lining for the magazine tote is a deep purple (like the kristin tote).
    advice please ?


  2. black leather magazine tote -Ghall this bag is amazing, I got it for my sister for the holiday's and we both love it.
  3. I know how much you love the Glam tote...So I voted the Glam...
  4. i LOVE both. i wanted a kristin tote or magazine tote- but couldn't find either- so i got the glam tote- and unexpected fell in love with it. but i have been offered the chance to trade the glam tote plus $50 for the magazine tote
  5. Magazine Tote for sure. It is so beautiful and classic. Love it. You will have a timeless bag that is so functional. The leather is yummy.
  6. Magazine Tote most def!
  7. ita!:d
  8. I used to have the Magazine tote. It's awesome. Get that one :smile:

  9. this is so lovely,this is my vote:yahoo:
  10. Then I say go for it...If you love the other bag more, you won't be happy until you get it.
  11. Get the magazine tote...don't be silly! The patent tote is cute...but it's going to eventually turn into a fad, it's not going to be a "forever bag"--in my personal opinion, I'm not attacking anyones taste...but the madison tote is going to be really timeless.

    Just look at the finishes...the hardware, the sparkly leather...it's just amazingly beautiful!!
  12. Magazine tote!!!
  13. I'd say go with the magazine tote, that bag is hot!!
  14. The Magazine Tote!!! The leather is gorgeous and the rings on the handles are so cute...I love that feature of the tote!
  15. Does the magazine tote have the shiny leather that the madison line has?