which one help me choose

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  1. I can't decide. Help me pick please.

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  2. Borough; hands down!
  3. I vote for the pink ruby it's so pretty and really pops.
  4. I vote Borough!
  5. Borough
  6. Wow, three completely different bags!

    I saw Stud P in person yesterday. That's a very small bag so be forewarned since your other two are larger. Also, in my opinion, the black didn't look as sharp in person as it does in that pic. The contrast between the black and gold doesn't stand out like I think it should. The studs are more muted in gold. Now the other combo does pop with the ecru and silver but I'm not crazy about the black and gold at all.

    So between the other two, I like the pink. It's a stunning color and I like that bag more too. Love the yellow tassel on the borough though!
  7. borough!
  8. I can only speak for myself. I do not know what kind of style you prefer. I looooove the pink ruby. But, that's me.
  9. For me it'd be the borough-the reveal posted by another member of that bag was amazing! But they're such different bags, that I don't know what you might be looking for?
  10. Since all 3 are so different maybe you need to look at your current bags and decide what you want and need..........maybe you want something totally different than you currently have, how will you use the bag, and what do you normally need to carry.............

    For me it's pretty easy to pick a bag because I have a "type" and minimum requirements it has to meet..........just like when I "picked" my DH! :lol:
  11. Wow, I can't believe there isn't more love for stud P! It was love at first sight when I saw it. Yes, it is a smaller bag, but not super tiny. I love the contradiction between the toughness of the studs and the daintiness of the size. For me, the others don't even come close.
  12. Studded Preston! I have this bag in the ecru/nickel and I just love it! It is a smaller bag, but it fits a lot and keeps me organized.
  13. If you are looking to add one bag to your collection, I would take the Borough, because it is a more classic shape and color -- less trendy, so more likely to work for many years to come with a wider variety of outfits and styles. But, pick whichever one makes your heart sing. :smile:
  14. Borough
  15. Okay. Let me express this again. I don't know how anyone else can tell you what you like. For instance, and I am going to say something sacrilegious here, I can't stand the jacquard initial bags. There, I said it. But, millions certainly love them. I think our "suggestions' are meaningless.