which one help me choose please

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  1. I thought I had my mind made up... then today I saw the sullivan in camel. Which I am weak for this color. My birthday is tomorrow and one of these will be mine. I also bought the mini preston in pink ruby. Shhhh

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  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Sullivan in camel! I think it is stunning so that gets my vote! And is now added to my wishlist!

    I know a lot of people love the stud p but it's never done anything for me. That Sullivan hobo though floors me!
  3. Sullivan Hobo
  4. Sullivan!
  5. Sullivan It's more classic and the one with the studd is a trend it will go out of style:smile: IMO
  6. Studs on black leather are sexy. But I love a squishy slouchy bag. The camel reminds me of the MK color luggage & I adore my hobo in that color... So I wanna saw Sullivan. But this particular Preston is unique & a head turner...
    Sorry, I don't think I helped!! :/
  7. They are both nice, but imo the HOBO will get more use. I love this color too !
  8. I'd get the hobo. It seems so much more functional. I love the pebbling and the slouch.
  9. I'd go Sullivan. Just not into plastic studs.
  10. In person those studs seemed less impressive to me, almost plastic but I can't deny the allure.
  11. I would go for the Sullivan hobo. I have been using my camel/pink ruby edgepaint Sullivan for the past few days and love it more and more everytime I pick it up. The leather is just wonderful.....thick and pebbled but also soft and squishy!!

    I also have a Preston. Not the studded but the colorblock one. I love the shape and style of my Preston, but there is one thing about this style to watch for.....the dreaded corner wear! After only a few times using it, I noticed color loss on all four corners of the bag, the black corners being the worst. To me this issue is not so bad as to make me want to change the bag for another style at this time, but I will definately keep checking to see if it gets worse.

    Just something for you to think about!!
  12. The Sullivan hobo....and the Preston in a different color......

  13. Are the studs plastics? If so, that's a shame.... I thought they were brass.

    Both bags are awesome. These are my favorite colors for bags. Such great choices; I can see why you're torn. I'm into more slouchy-type bags though, so I'd go for the hobo. It's a tough decision! Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday!!! :Partyhat: Where the party be? I be ready for it!

    You know I love Stud P but I love mini Stud P. Not a huge fan of this version actually more so the color than the style and the studs didn't feel plastic when I saw mini Stud P in person. Although I agree they are less impressive then the pics. But they definitely felt solid to me as in the brass they are supposed to be on the black.

    I have to (gasp!) vote for Sullivan. I think that bag is gorgeous, especially in that color. And that mini P sounds beautiful too. Congratulations! :Partyhat:
  15. I vote for Sullivan! Love the slouchy feel. If you like the Preston... I would get that one in the mini studded...I think it's cuter than the bigger one...but definitely get the Sully! Happy Birthday!
    Oh yeah...u already have a Preston anyway...shhh