which one help me choose please Berri or Siena

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  1. Which bag do you like best on me?!? Thought I had my mind made up.

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  2. Or Siena

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  3. Omg they're both nice on you...are you looking for hobo or do you need a crossbody bag more? Andddd which print were you originally interested in? I know it's hard to decide ...
  4. I'd go for the Siena but they both look really nice on you! Good luck deciding!!
  5. Siena. not a fan of the bottom corners of Berri btw what size Siena is that it looks gorgeous on you
  6. Berri looks better on you, IMO.

    HOWEVER I would vote for Siena because the Vachetta on the corners of the Berri would drive me crazy.

    If the vachetta corners are OK with you (getting scuffed and stained and dirty unevenly), then go for Berri.. But if you're like me and can't stand uneven-ness, then Siena it is!
  7. If I get the Berri I will treat the leather. What do you mean uneven? That happens? Where one corner changes more than the other?
  8. This is the pm
  9. Well.. it's known to happen.. My Palermo body has patina'd near the zipper but the handles (beside it) are still white! I don't know why..

    And it can also be uneven due to dirt. What if one corner gets wet and darkens a LITTLE compared to the other? I don't know, that sort of thing would drive me mad. But then again I AM admittedly very crazy about stuff like that.

    My mom is the kind of person who doesn't put ONE thought on stuff like that and enjoys her bags. She couldn't care less if one is darker, one is dirtier.. Stuff like that. And she will enjoy her bags no matter what.

    I suppose if you treat the vachetta it would be safer? But I don't know as I don't treat my vachetta and let the natural oils let it patina..

    GO WITH YOUR HEART! What does your heart say?
  10. Here's a thought.. look at OLD and used Berri's on ebay and check out their wear and tear. (I have not done this, so really have no clue how a Berri can age)... If it's not so bad then go for it?
  11. Its a brand new style. I don't think there's any old ones to compare it too. If it gets uneven that will bug me too.
  12. I think they'll patina the same but as far as a corner getting scuffed or perhaps stained that we can't control. I just bought a petit Noe nm and with all that vachetta I've been using it quite often and its held up great so far. But I am careful with my bags (damier as well) anything can get scuffed or dinged. As the leather patinas I think they look fantastic on monogram bags
  13. I love the Berri on you it looks great ! I never have had any bags with uneven patina I don't think that would be a problem ! At first you would have to be careful with it but that's with any new bag with the leather before it starts to patina !!
  14. Berri!
  15. I think the Berri looks great on you! Does it only come in one size and can I ask how tall you are?
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