Which one goes better with my Dark Silver 225?


Which one is better?

  1. Black

  2. Brown

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  1. Hi all, please help me out. I just received these boots. I'm having a hard time to pick. :girlsigh:

    As you know the color of the dark silver will change under different light settings, I can see my dark silver color in both boots.

    1) The black one has the color of the bag + the color of the chain as well
    2) The brown one has more color of the bag, but is it too matchy-matchy?

    I hardly have problems to decide on shoes, but this is really hard for me this time. Any idea? TIA!:heart:
    100_5103.JPG 100_5121.JPG 100_5126.JPG 100_5113.JPG
  2. I actually really like both of them with the bag! they pick up/accentuate different things.

    The boots are really unique!
  3. If you're going out to dinner then either of the boots, but for day time, I'd go with #1.
  4. Number one is my choice. It goes very well together.
  5. they are both gorgeous :love: ceci ~ but if i had to choose i would go for the black
  6. go for the black because it allows others to focus more on the bag... the bag stands out more with the black shoes..! def go for the black!
  7. Hi
    In my opinion, your purse looks like it has a pinky, bronzy tones to it, and when I look at your first picture with the purse in the middle and the brownish boot on the left and the black one on the right, the purse goes better with the brownish boot on the left. That boot also in the pic has those same tones. Try tieing a scarf onto miss chanel and see if you can match up those same tones in the boots. Just an idea
    If your purse is definately silver silver tones and not bronzy, then I would go with the black boots.
    And yes I agree the boots are georgeous :smile:
  8. I actually really like the brown boots with it. Maybe it's just the gorgeous picture, but they look amazing together. BTW- who makes those boots?:drool:
  9. Ooooooo.... that's a toughie....... I :heart: them both........ :confused1: Can't decide. Both color scheme's compliment each other.....
  10. To my surprise, they're from ALDO. Somehow their shoes never fit me well, but they had free shipping + 15% off promotion if sign up the newsletter. So, I just gave it a try. Those boots were Cdn$250 each, & marked down to Cdn$179.98.

    Funny, you know what. I just went to their website again. They have the other model on sale. Same style, must be better leather. The original price were Cdn$550, now marked down to Cdn$159.98!!! :wtf:

    I guess I should compare them IRL & find out what the difference between those $250 & $550. Yes, I just made another purchase for both black & brown again. :p Now, this gets me into trouble again. Let's see what I receive later in the mail then.
  11. I'm thinking that too...the bag should be the "Center of Attention" :lol:
  12. I like the black one better because it gives more contrast to the dark silver.
  13. I like the Black too - M
  14. Both look good, but I vote for 1
  15. agree:yes: