Which one for Xmas and which for Birthday?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've just bought two pairs of CLs for my wife, one for Xmas and one for her birthday (Jan 12th).

    Question is which do you think she would prefer for her Birthday and which for Xmas? Do you think it will not matter to her whatever?

    The Shoes are CL Cravtouza and CL Drapanova as shown below.

    Your views will be appreciated :flowers:
    Cravtouza.jpg Drapanova.jpg
  2. Oh you are a great husband. She may want the first pair to wear for New Years, since they seem to be more of a party shoe. Both are TDF and I wish my hubby appreciated my love of shoes as you do!!!!
  3. I agree - the first ones would be great for xmas in case she wants to wear them during the holiday season - great choices!
  4. Thanks cjy,

    I just hope they fit her ok - I understand that CL sizing is a bit random up or down, but usually down.

    My wife's normal shoe size is Euro 39. The Cravtouza are 39.5 and the Drapanova are 40. Would also appreciate your opinions on the sizing issue.

    Thanks again
  5. Love them both! You are the best husband ever! I think either one is fine for either celebration. The second pair might be good for holiday events and the first pair might be better for a new years party. Frankly I think both function almost equally well in any party situation. She will love them!
  6. wow you did your research! I wish my husband bought me CLs. You are such a sweetheart.

    from my experience the drapanova sizing is 1 size up. When I tried them on I definately needed 1 size up although I have been told that 1/2 size up should be sufficient since the suede will stretch with wear.

    The Cravtouza at least 1/2 size up. These are amazing shoes and definately would work during the holiday season. My vote is for those to be gifted for christmas.

    I am pretty sure she will love them both.
  7. Thanks for the information ledaatomica :flowers:.

    Appears the Cravtouza should fit ok but the Drapanova may end up slightly large once they have fully stretched.

    Any tips for adapting a slightly loose pair of CLs?
  8. Took the words right out of my mouth :yes:
  9. when the shoes get loose then you can use heel liners or insoles. I usually use the footpetals or dr scholls brand, the clear color (always). If by any chance the shoes are a bit snug or uncomfortable, since CL sizing can be quite erratic with the ladies especially with wider feet you can always take them to a cobbler to be stretched.
  10. What a great husband! I agree, give her the first ones for Xmas.
  11. I have not received either pair of CLs yet, so could any one tell me the actual hieght of the heels for each?

    How is heel height measured, from the floor to the front top of the heel or from the floor to the back top of the heel?

    I know the Drapanova have a platform, so what is the actual rise from platform to heel?

    Do the Cravtouza also have a platform, it's hard to tell from the photos?

    Thanks again for you help :tup:
  12. Cravtouza is 4 inches no platform
    Drapanova is 4.75 inches 3/4 inch platform

    I measure heel hight from the floor up the back side of the heel and to the seam where the heel meets the foot bed.
  13. OMG, I'm going to have to stop doing this!

    I just bought another pair of CLs (Palace Zeppa I think) for my wife. The shoes came from Louboutin press office and were used for several photo shoots so the soles are a bit used, but other than that they are OK.

    I paid $288 plus $35 postage. What you you think, are they worth it?
    Palace Zeppa 1.jpg Palace Zeppa 2.jpg Palace Zeppa 3.jpg
  14. I guess you are becoming just as addicted as we are .. :lol: I dont blame you. I think they are an OK deal, especially since they are quite a bit worn.

    Its a beauty nonetheless, If I recall those retailed for $700+
  15. You are a GREAT husband!!!!:girlsigh::love: