which one for first chanel bag?

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  1. hello, i am new to chanel and im looking to buy my first bag, i have seen these two that i really like, however they are very similar, i dont know which to go for. Also i have no idea what these bags are called and why are they different? please could someone tell me what the difference is between the two and which one you guys think i sohuld pick? Thanks :smile:

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  2. They are both flaps and both vintage. The difference in style is just due to the year they were made.

    If you want to buy new the one on the left looks like the current maxi flap and the one on the right looks like a modern jumbo.

    They are lambskin but you might be interested in cavair.

  3. If your buying one of those the one on the left is very coveted if buying vintage. I prefer the one on the right though.
  4. thanks Chantal, im getting my head around this slowly, lol, to be honest im more inclined towards the maxi flap on the right, as ive seen victoria beckham with the one on the left, and it looks a bit to square in shape and a bit large.
  5. this is more information :smile: i think caviar leather is more resistant as ive been reading on this site, thanks :smile:
  6. I prefer caviar leather too. I like the bag on the right better than the left!
  7. Are you interested in buying new or vintage?

    The left is a XL Vintage Jumbo (looks like a Maxi) and the right is either a jumbo or a M/L.
  8. im intrested in buying new or used, i dont mind, i mean if its used then it needs to look good enough to buy, not worn out.
    Ive also seen the grande shopping tote, i want that too! :smile:
  9. If it's your first Chanel, I really recommend you getting a flap because it's so classic, then maybe in the future you can get the GST. The new maxi is quite a bit bigger than the Jumbo. Thus it depends on which style you like more. I think you need to try them on first before you can really decide. Personally I like the Jumbo more because I'm very petite and the Jumbo looks more proportional to my body. However, I've seen people who look absolutely fantastic with the maxi. Also you have to consider whether you like to have a bag made out of lambskin or caviar. Lambskin is smooth, soft leather which is less durable than the caviar's grainy, pebblely texture. Hope this helps!!!
  10. thanks for the advice :tup::tup:
    im going to get the jumbo caviar flap first, then gst later in the year, thanks all you help ladies.