Which one for birthday??? *yay*

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Which one to buy???

  1. Julia Cocco

  2. Cocinelle

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  1. I started a thread about julia cocco and seems like no one really heard bout it before. So here goes, i really want to have a new bag. Can't really afford to buy any high-end designer bag since i'm splurging to buy a car.. So i've 'hinted' to my bf. Lols. Here are the picts. The first one is cocinelle and the second Cocco's. Thanks!!

    cc13297-009-1x.jpg ju13117-001-1x.jpg
  2. Both are cute, but I'd go with the gold. You could use it with more outfits :smile:
  3. No doubt I choose Coccinelle, I own several and always get compliments.
  4. i like this one better
  5. ITA! :yes: Really pretty and cute :heart:
  6. ^^Yeah, def. Coccinelle! Love their bags.
  7. i vote for the coccinelle.
  8. Looks like cocinelle's more popular. Lols. My only concern with that is the size. According to the website, it's smaller that i'd like it to be.. any thoughts?
  9. I don't love either one, sorry. But it's not for me so if I had to chose one of these I think it would be the gold. Metallics are big right now and that bag will match with most outfits. Happy Birthday!
  10. I'll vote for the first one...