Which one for a damier shoulder bag?

  1. Papillon 30, Saleya pm or Illovo mm (assuming none of them stain :yes:) ? Which one would you pick as a COMFORTABLE SHOULDER bag?
  2. I have the saleya pm and it works great as a shoulder bag for me.
  3. I'm hinting my DH for a Saleya PM. I actually dragged him to one of the LV stores just so he knows the right size I'm talking about. He actually complimented me when I tried it on, so I sure hope Christmas comes early this year! :P

    P.S. I'm 5'2" and it fits over my shoulder very comfortably!
  4. Saleya :yes:
  5. But can you wear it (the saleya pm) over a jacket on your shoulder?
  6. I love both the Saleya and the Ilovo...
  7. i like the Papillon 30 the most of all :yes:. as i said in your other thread, it's comfortable as a shoulder bag, because of the flat handles, as opposed to the Saleya's rolled handles.
  8. Papillon...it has such a pretty name and iconic shape to it.
  9. I have the saleya pm and love it! I don't think you can wear it as a shoulder bag if you have a winter coat on, though. I wanted a damier shoulder bag and tried almost every one in the LV store!! I didn't find the papillon comfortable. The most comfortable shoulder bag for me was the parioli, but it didn't have a zipper closure, which I wanted. Hope this helps :flowers:
  10. Saleya PM.
  11. Saleya PM! I'm thinking this will be my next bag... I looked at it this past weekend -- it fit over my shoulder with a thin coat on, but like others have said, probably not with a winter coat.
  12. papillon. i don't think saleya would be comfortable on the shoulderand i don't really like the shape of the illovo.
  13. Illovo - flat handle and meant to be worn as a shoulder bag. I have a Mono Pap 30 and no way is that baby going over the shoulder. The Saleya has rounded handles so I'm not so sure that it would be comfortable over the shoulder - I had a Looping and the rounded handle drove me nuts!
  14. Definitely, Illovo for a shoulder bag!
  15. If you want to use the Saleya PM as a shoulder bag, you really need to try it out first. Some girls as you've seen think it works great as a shoulder bag, but it definitely is NOT a shoulder bag for me. I love the Saleya PM, but it's strictly a hand-held bag. I am a regular-sized person, not petite but not overweight. It's mostly the very petite girls who enjoy using it as a shoulder bag, i think.