Which one for 50th Birthday? Mikimoto Pearl vs Cartier Love vs Chanel Reissue bag?

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Mikimoto Pearl vs Cartier Love vs Chanel Reissue bag for 50th Birthday?

Poll closed Apr 30, 2019.
  1. Mikimoto Pearl Strand ( Akoya 8.5mm )

    10 vote(s)
  2. Cartier Love Bracelet ( classic 18K without diamond )

    17 vote(s)
  3. Chanel bag Reissue 225 ( classic black distressed leather with gold hardware )

    8 vote(s)
  1. My rule for birthdays ending in a zero is jewellery or Hermes.
    Otherwise I need more context beyond the special birthday, like whether you already own a Cartier JUC or similar, or if you’re upgrading your pearls?
    It’s hard to choose between classics like these because in an ideal world you would have all of them, which means you can’t go wrong with any one of them.
  2. I have a reissue and a love bracelet.
    I would say go with the love bracelet.
    I got it for a milestone birthday.
    Even if I love my reissue, the bracelet is everytime with me. I can appreciate it several times a day, everyday. It makes me smile and
    It can be dressed up or down ( same as reissue).
    Good luck deciding
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  3. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate for everyone's opinions. Again I am sorry I was late to reply on my own thread.
    I did not write my background what I own already because I just wanted to see first what other ladies and gentlemen's interest in general for what's their idea of special purchase for their own milestone's birthday ( 50th especially that's what I'm gonna be ) and I did not want people vote from what i already own.
    So now I finally write what I own in these 3 category -- I have a black reissue 226 medium size in ruthenium hardware, and Akoya peal strands ( but not Mikimoto's brand ) and A Cartier trinity ring. I have owned these for over 10 years.
    I decided to go for a Cartier Love bracelet plain 18K YG for my 50th. But this is not a gift from anyone. I'm just going to purchase it by myself as I always did for luxury items until now. :smile:

    All opinions is very interesting and helpful. I'm still very curious and interested in other people's choice in these 3 in similar price category first - Mikimoto Akoya Strand, or Cartier Love, or Chanel Reissue, if you choose from these for your milestone birthday. :smile:
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  4. Happy birthday! I have the same birthday coming up and am eyeing Hermes to celebrate. All three of your suggested options are beautiful, classic choices and I've enjoyed reading the responses.
  5. I agree!
  6. All 3are timeless, but Love bracelet or Chanel bag because it’s what you’ll wear the most.
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  7. I like this rule so much that I should use it on birthdays ending in 0 to 9! :lol:
  8. It’s a good rule so why not? :biggrin:
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  9. We should apply it for other gift giving celebrations, like anniversaries or even the one without numbers like Christmas or Hanukkah *nods*
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  10. Late to party, but Love bracelet.
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  11. Love for sure!!!
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  12. I have a variation of all three, and I can honestly say that my Mikimoto pearls are the most interesting, followed by my 226 reissue in a (very) limited edition combination, followed by my rose gold Love bracelet with 4 diamonds, which I find to be the most common of the three choices.
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  13. Between these choices Chanel. But I’d rather get a nonbranded piece of jewelry at that price point. You could really get something beautiful.

    Edit...I see you made your choice. Congrats!
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