Which one for 50th Birthday? Mikimoto Pearl vs Cartier Love vs Chanel Reissue bag?

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Mikimoto Pearl vs Cartier Love vs Chanel Reissue bag for 50th Birthday?

Poll closed Apr 30, 2019.
  1. Mikimoto Pearl Strand ( Akoya 8.5mm )

    10 vote(s)
  2. Cartier Love Bracelet ( classic 18K without diamond )

    17 vote(s)
  3. Chanel bag Reissue 225 ( classic black distressed leather with gold hardware )

    8 vote(s)
  1. Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,
    Which would you choose for 50th Birthday?
    Mikimoto Pearl vs Cartier Love vs Chanel Reissue bag?
    All is similar price category about $6000 ~ 7000.
    I'd like to hear many opinions and reason why you choose the one from these three option for 50th birthday. Thank you so much :smile:
  2. I chose Cartier Love bracelet. I’m turning 50 this year to and that’s what I want to buy. You can wear it every day and it goes with casual and dressy attire. It’s timeless and classic. I love pearls and purses too but chances are you will only wear occasionally.
  3. If I'd had to choose one of these for my girlfriend (who is far from 50 still :amuse:) I'd go for the Mikimoto. It's beautiful, timeless and I find the neck to be the most beautiful and elegant place for women's jewelery. Also; I find pearls to look great, whether you're 25, 50 or 75.
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  4. Chanel
    It speak for itself and practicality
  5. Close tie btw the reissue and the love but if you already have a classic handbag than the love bracelet. I tend to lean more to bags than jewelry so I would get that first but the love bracelet seems to be great collection piece too.
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  6. I'd choose bag over jewelry, so it would be the Reissue for me!
  7. Mikimoto. A classic strand can be dressed up, but looks so good with a t shirt too.
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  8. I’m all about the bag!!
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  9. If you chose Cartier love, you could use it everyday.
    Mikimoto pearls are nice but hard to tell that’s what they are. If you wear pearls daily, then I would say this is a good option too but for special occasion wear only, the cost per wear is too high.

    Chanel reissue is also a good option as this is very versatile
  10. Your screen name answers the question, doesn't it?
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  11. Presumably this won’t be your first Chanel?

    While I prefer bags over jewellery, the love bracelet is such a classic piece and special purchase which can be worn daily, so I would be more inclined to get this rather a new bag (and I love Chanel dearly)
  12. I am probably old-fashioned, but to commemorate a milestone in life, jewelry is always the answer for me :smile: I picked the Love bracelet because, as others have said, it will be something you can wear everyday and is appropriate to wear in every situation. I love handbags, but nothing is as special as gold, in my opinion, LOL. Everyone will have an opinion, but are you leaning towards one over the other?
  13. Thanks so much everyone for sharing your thoughts. It’s very interesting to hear and I lean a lots.
    ( Sorry I couldn’t log on PF afterwards since my kid just got Flu in bed...)

    Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Hope to hear more from anyone and keep coming...:smile:
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  14. I vote first for the Reissue & a very close second for the Cartier Love.
    My Reissue is one of the best gifts I ever received!! I absolutely love it. But I also just got a Cartier bracelet for a milestone birthday a few months ago & love that I can wear it almost daily.
    Go try them all on & see what you like best or do like I did & let your family know your top picks & decide for you. (If you find yourself hoping they get you one over the others, you know that’s what you should go with).
    Happy early birthday!!
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  15. I have seen how Cartier Love can drive you crazy, because the screw can come lose. Someone on TPF even lost one because the screw came off! I would be devastated.
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