Which one - Epi Jasmin or Epi Lockit

  1. which one should I get if I were only to get one - Epi Lockit or Epi Jasmin? I like them both. Also which color to you thhink looks best for each style? I'm thinking red or ivory right now.
  2. I prefer Jasmin. It's very feminine, more so than lockit, imo. I would be afraid that ivory would get dirty quickly, so I would pick red, personally. I've heard there is a pink/fuschia one coming out as well...
  3. I prefer Epi Lockit. I had a Jasmin once and sold it because it was scratching my hand. Goodluck!
  4. Epi Lockit in ivorie:love:
  5. I would love a Ivorie lockit :smile:
  6. I'd love to have the Jasmin in ivory! The lockit is tdf in red!
  7. Jasmin in any color.
  8. lockit red or jasmin ivory

    i prefer jasmin black
  9. I love the epi lockit! I want one in ivoire!
  10. I'd get the LOCKIT over the Jasmin.
  11. I prefer the Lockit.

    I like the Lockit best in red and the Jasmin best in Mandrin.
  12. Should I get the Lockit first in red and the Jasmin later in ivory or the other way around? I like them both and think I should get one before the prices go up.
  13. I got my mom the lockit and she LOVES it!
  14. Jasmin - it's so elegant and feminine. The Ivoire is wonderful!
  15. i love the Jasmin in Ivoire