Which one? Emerald Shrug or Pale Rose Hobo?

  1. I can't make up my mind. I need heaps of opinions here...
    Pale Rose 1.jpg Pale Rose 2.jpg Emerald Shrug 1.jpg
  2. Here's one more pic of the Emerald Shrug, as a fair comparison...:graucho:
    Emerald Shrug 3.jpg
  3. Maybe neither, if you don't have a passion for either one? My own preference would be the day/hobo style - but I think I prefer the emerald color.
  4. Emerald ... its a gem color which is always classic...
  5. I vote for the emerald. It will take you all the way through fall and winter, and the color has a lot of depth. I absolutely love pink, but I think that one is too light. You may be fine with it, but I would have no hope of keeping it clean!
  6. of the two, i say pale pink hobo. it doesn't photograph well, but is much better irl.
  7. I would say the pink EXCEPT according to many SA's at Balenciaga, there are problems with that color. So keep that in mind.:confused1:
  8. I like the pink...but pick emerald because the color will not fade & you don't have to worry about it getting dirty. :smile:
  9. Pale rose hobo! I :heart: that color and the style is great.
  10. This is such a great help. I am now leaning towards the Emerald. I love both colors. Ideally I would love an Emerald Day /Hobo, but they are rare. I thought the pale pink was an unusual color to own in a Hobo style. I have never owned a Shrug and I thought it might be bad if I bought it just because of the color. Any other thoughts?
  11. Actually, come to think of it. After looking at all your thoughts, the pale pink looks a bit faded or washed out...Now leaning towards the Emerald Shrug for sure!
  12. Emerald - looks fab for this fall and winter! I own a Shrug and it's very roomy and lies against the body exceptionally well.
  13. OK not fond of the shrug (I prefer the Day...) but I love so much Emerauld...
    I'm sure your Emerauld shrug will be a perfection !!!!
  14. I think the emerald is a more practical color, both in terms of taking care of it and in terms of wearing it in the colder months. And the shrug is a less common style than the day... at least I see fewer of them. I haven't gotten around to craving one of my own yet but I think it would be an awesome piece to own for your bbag collection. So I'm for the emerald shrug :heart:
  15. i have a shrug and i love it! I think the emerald would be a beautiful color in the shrug. Also it's more suitable for the fall/winter seasons, I believe.
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