Which one do you think looks better on me?


Which Evelyne looks better on me?

  1. GM

  2. PM

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  1. Hmmm, typically I like the GM size, but the PM size looks better on you I think!
  2. PM for sure
  3. I voted for PM...

    Question for all of you out there...with a tall bag like this, won't the upper half be just wasted space? Does the GM have more "floor space" so to speak not just overall volume space?
  4. Yup, the GM is also wider at the bottom.
  5. I think they both look great. Which feels better, and is a better choice for you to use all of the time.
  6. I agree with golden's mom, both sizes look good on you :yes:
  7. I like the PM better!
  8. I think that both sizes look good on you also.....it's really a matter of personal preference and how it 'feels' on your body.
  9. I vote for PM. It looks more [SIZE=-1]proportional[/SIZE] to your size
  10. Wow...this one is tough for me. I have been clicking back and forth and opening and reopening the pics to decide. I really think you could do either one.
  11. I like the PM!!!
  12. I like them both on you.
    To decide, it should probably be a matter of which one hits you in a better spot and is more comfortable to wear.
  13. ^^I agree -- which one feels more comfortable to wear?
  14. Personally, I like the PM on you, but if the GM works better, then GM it is...