Which one do you think is the sturdiest: Damier, Taiga or Epi? I'm looking @ men's

  1. wallets, and I'm wondering which line is the sturdiest.

    DH is very tough on his wallet (I used to buy him a new leather one every year). About 9 months ago, I bought him a Taiga c/c holder from Let-Trade. Now he is true believer of LV quality because the Taiga doesn't look any different now than 9 months ago.

    So DH is ready for a full-fledged LV wallet. But should he stick w/ Taiga, or try Damier or Epi because they are even sturdier?

    Your thoughts? Thanks :smile:
  2. Funny you should post this topic! My husband has the mono and it has been through hell AND it looks it. I saw Vlads Taiga wallet yesterday and fell in love. Its BEAUTIFUL. It is the most gorgeous green ever. It is discountinued, however, after a few phone calls and the help of my dear friend. We tracked one down. My husband is going to be thrilled, he loved it when he saw it yesterday! I heard the Taiga holds up incredibly well! I liked the look of the Epi, and god knows the Damier holds up (in hand bags anyway) just stay away from the Mono and you can not got wrong!
  3. I think Damier is the strongest, but I dunno much about the men's line or epi....
  4. The damier holds up very well.
  5. I see many Taiga wallets on guys and it seems to hold up well and looks soooo wonderful...

    I say the Taiga line is truely great for guys.....I have family members who carry mono, damiers but doesnt seem to hold up for guys as much as the bags do....

    Epi...I havent seen so much....
  6. I would think damier would be the sturdiest.
  7. It depends on how much he puts in his wallet as well, if he stuffs his wallet to the gills and put it in his pocket damier will in fact not hold up. It will wear along the stress points and since it is not leather it wont stretch as much and will crack and they will usually not repair it. I bought a damier wallet for a friend a while ago and in 2 years it had the cracks
    (he had to carry a lot of cards), of course your millage may vary. I would sugguest you stick to leather if he stuffs his wallet if not then damier is fine. My Utah wallet still looks almost brand new after 2 years of being shoved in my pocket (I have taken to carrying a bag at all times for the most part now) , when I first got it I was afraid the finish of the leather would be fragile but it has held up really well.
  8. Haha, my DH stuffs his wallet to within an inch of its life. That's why he goes through them so quickly. I hadn't considered Utah because I didn't think it would be as durable. Now, we will look at the Utah wallets too.

  9. I think that out of the three you listed, Taiga will hold up the best. But you should consider the Utah leather too, it is absolutely gorgeous!
  10. If anyone had problems with mono, the same should apply to damier except vahetta problems as it's the same material. Epi is also coated, so allthough I don' thave any taiga, I would think it's the most durable.
  11. Taiga holds up very well. Damier also holds up very well, however, the square design does fade slightly as men slide the wallets in and out of pockets, as opposed to women who obviously use handbags and therefore, there is less "friction" (for lack of a better word) when taking it out, and replacing it in the bag. Epi is also extremely sturdy, however, my brother had a small issue with his wallet, in that the corners of his coin bi-fold wallet had kind of chipped away from the top layer, which is combed, revealing just like a flat leather underneath, but this was really minute and unnoticeable unless you looked really hard. I hope I haven't confused you further.:s
  12. I bought Damier for my DH. He likes it and it does hold up pretty well. Taiga is also a good choice.

    I won't suggest epi as the leather on the corners will chip off pretty easily.
  13. I have had an epi wallet for almost 3 years, it still looks as good as the day i bought it. I bought a Damier Azur wallet lst week and so far so good, but IMO Epi cannot be beaten, It has been dropped in curry, been splashed with coktails and just wipes cleam. Oh and Epi leather smells the best too!!

    Hope the pic is clear!!!
    Small Goods.JPG
  14. i've got a 6 year old Taiga vertical wallet (my only wallet) and its holding up very well :tup:
  15. Damier and Taiga would hold up the best.

    Damier is a sturdy canvas created for travel so...

    Taiga is also sturdy but I would say slightly, slightly less so.

    Epi is prone is scratches and white marks and wrinkles. I actually like the wrinkles and tiny scratches but not everyone likes that.