Which one do you recommend?

  1. I actually convinced my parents to get me a Tokidoki bag for graduation!:yes: Yay me! So with that said, which one would you recommend? I know that I want a L'amore print bag, and I really like the zucca style, but I still don't know... Any recommendations or pictures of your bags would help!:greengrin:
  2. I think everyone will suggest you get the zucca. Everyone loves the zucca!
  3. You can't go wrong with a Lamore zucca!
  4. Zucca! Zucca! Zucca!
  5. my first was a zucca and the only bad thing is it makes you want all prints in a zucca, hehe.

    so I say zucca.
  6. Get the zucca. You won't regret it. Socprof81 is right, you're just going to want all the prints in zucca. It's a serious addiction.:happydance:
  7. Hahah, I told you. They're all zucca mad.
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. lol... get the expensive one first ;) zucca then they won't mind as much about other ones for future awesome dates!
  10. Zucca or gioco. I think so far those are the two that look the best with this print. haha.
  11. What size bags do you like to carry?
  12. Uh oh my first zucca is on it's way... I hope I don't end up wanting all the prints in zucca! :nuts:
  13. Indeed, you know what you want -- go for it! If I could do it again I'd probably get a Zucca..no wait, I wouldn't. I love my gioco..but still, Zucca looks like an awesome style & Amore is the best so yeah :biggrin:
  14. Get a zucca. Zuccas are easier to get into and out of. Mind you, I love the look of the gioco, but if they could somehow make it more easy to use, then I'd only be getting giocos. But zuccas are great too.
  15. I was actually surprised, I didn't find the Gioco hard to get in and out of (which is the biggest complaint I've heard) but I did find all the loose lining fabric swimming around inside the bag terribly annoying WHY didn't they tack it down on the edges or corners????