which one do you recommend, please ? PS11 mini classic or GUCCI Padlock Supreme

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which one do you recommend, please ?

  1. PS11 mini classic linosa in black

  2. Gucci padlock supreme

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  1. Do you need the bag for a particular purpose?
  2. Hi Manchoo78 - thanks for your reply -
    No just a Casual Bag .. something that can be used for Daytime/Night time. ??
  3. Thanks Ladies .. i think i found answer to my own Question.. Am planning to go with GUCCI Padlock Supreme bag.

    It is elegant, big enough to be used as Day bag, Works well as night bag as well. Great Price Plus .. Not many are carrying this around.
    On the other hand PS11 mini classic is quite common and has been around for 5 (or 6) years !

    I tried Gucci bag in a boutique and i loved it :smile::smile:
  4. congrats dear, i would have voted for the gucci padlock too
  5. I would have voted the Gucci too
  6. Thanks leooh and _lee :smile:
  7. Congrats. I definitely would have voted the Gucci.