Which one do you prefer?


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Mar 31, 2012
Hi ladies-

My anniversary is coming up (August 21th) and I still haven't decided what I'd like.

This year's a biggie, it's our 10th. But because we're in the middle of buying a property, I want to keep it at, or under, 3k.

This would also be worn as as a layered piece, with either my diamond bezel pendant, or my Cartier Love necklace and even with my Tiff keys. It wouldn't be worn alone.

I love the Victoria necklace but in the mini, don't think it's substantial enough. Maybe I should just wait until next year to get a larger size?

Also, I'm waiting to get the rose gold atlas bar. According to Tiff's they'll be available again by the middle of August. It's already ordered, so waiting on that. Would two bars be too much?

What do you guys think, which would you choose to layer? I'm not trying to be matchy matchy. In fact, lately I'm really attracted to the idea of random necklaces being worn together at very different lengths.



Jul 30, 2012
I love the atlas bar and I think two together would look cool. Also, have you checked out the tiff cobblestone pendants? I'm loving them lately too :smile:


Nov 18, 2009
New York
Congratulations. I love the arrow (contemplating the RG myself but back to you!) and both Atlas pieces. I feel like the Love pendant is constantly replicated so it doesn't strike me as a Tiffany piece. I like the Victoria but think this size may be too small with your diamond pendant. The arrow and Atlas pieces will layer nicely with your diamond pendant. Just my $0.02.