Which one do you prefer?

  1. The first bag or the second one?

    Does the first bag fit comfortably over shoulders like the first one does?
    bag.jpg bag too.jpg
  2. i like how the first one looks better, but the second might be easier to use because it's not as deep.
  3. second one for sure...easy to find thingS!
  4. :yes:
  5. I prefer the bowler... :flowers:
  6. I prefer the bowler as well...
  7. the 2nd one!
  8. I agree...the bowler!
  9. I prefer the bowler. I have two and you can get loads of stuff in them.
  10. 2nd one! I prefer east-west bags to north-south bags.
  11. #2!
  12. definitely the second :smile:
  13. Another vote for #2
  14. I'd go for number 2 but if you're very tall, I'd say number 1.
  15. i just saw the 1st in Barneys outlet some days ago and was having a hard time to try to wear it on my shoulder:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: