Which one do you prefer, Miranda or...

Miranda or Thompson Top Handle

  • Miranda

  • Thompson Top Handle

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Apr 25, 2007
Legacy Thompson Top Handle. I think I want either of these bags in white or parchment. I may never get them, but I just wanted to know your opinion of which you liked better. They are the same type of handbag so I could never get both.. too similar..

does anyone have either if these bags and like to share their thoughts.. anyone have both and like to share comparison pics?


miranda is coming in white so just imagine it in white:P
Oct 24, 2007
I vote Miranda, holds it frame much better. I have no pics of the THompson but my friend hates hers. I feel its too too light and for the price the the leather is not as nice. Miranda....own two........perfect, classic bag. MIRANDA


Feb 24, 2007
I vote Miranda! I have this bag in Bordeaux and get compliments on it all the time. In fact I got 3 compliments on it yesterday all within the same hour, when I was running errands at lunch! I plan on getting Miranda in white if there is a March PCE!
This bag is stunning, classic and is a bag that I can see myself using 20 years from now!!

Normally I'm all over anything with Legacy lining which the thomspon bag has, but I much prefer the Miranda!!