Which one do you prefer, Miranda or...


Miranda or Thompson Top Handle

  1. Miranda

  2. Thompson Top Handle

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  1. Legacy Thompson Top Handle. I think I want either of these bags in white or parchment. I may never get them, but I just wanted to know your opinion of which you liked better. They are the same type of handbag so I could never get both.. too similar..

    does anyone have either if these bags and like to share their thoughts.. anyone have both and like to share comparison pics?


    [​IMG]miranda is coming in white so just imagine it in white:p
  2. OHHHH THATS A HARD CHOICE. I personally have the Karee satchel and am 190% in love with it. But I do love the Miranda. If I had a choice, I would be getting both. :heart:
  3. Definitely the Thompson! It's sooo pretty, especially in white! And it's sooo classic w/ that framed look!

    The Miranda is pretty too, but for me, it's the Legacy Thompson all the way!
  4. Thompson all the way baby!!!!! :tup:
  5. Thompson! It is such a classic looking bag. I also like that the straps are a bit longer.
  6. WOW.. I am the only person who voted Miranda?

    IT is growing on me.
  7. I chose Miranda, mainly because I don't like the Thompson line... Hehe.
  8. I'd have to go with the Miranda.
  9. Love the Thompson. So classic, and I love the framed top as well!
  10. I think the Thompson bag is stunning. The Miranda does nothing for me.
  11. I love the Miranda and DH loves the Thompson Top Handle. I however, will probably never own a Miranda since it is so big. I would say get the Miranda. I love the shape. Its not as bulky as the Thompson Top Handle.
  12. What she said...;)
  13. I vote Miranda, holds it frame much better. I have no pics of the THompson but my friend hates hers. I feel its too too light and for the price the the leather is not as nice. Miranda....own two........perfect, classic bag. MIRANDA
  14. I vote Miranda! I have this bag in Bordeaux and get compliments on it all the time. In fact I got 3 compliments on it yesterday all within the same hour, when I was running errands at lunch! I plan on getting Miranda in white if there is a March PCE!
    This bag is stunning, classic and is a bag that I can see myself using 20 years from now!!

    Normally I'm all over anything with Legacy lining which the thomspon bag has, but I much prefer the Miranda!!
  15. Another vote for the Miranda... GOOD LUCK!