Which one do you prefer? MBMJ Galya bag or Washed Utility North-South bag?

  1. Which one?

    Help me!

    Galya.jpg Washed Utility.jpg
  2. I normally don't like logos all over a bag but I think this color Galya is very tastefuly done and I like it better than the N/S bag. The shape looks more comfortable and it will be nice for spring!
  3. I like the gayla, looks nice!
  4. my vote goes to the utility tote. the leather of this line is amazing. if you're like me and you have to carry most of your possessions with you throughout the day, then the bigger bag would be a better choice. even though the scrambled logo pattern is subtle on the galya, i'm still not a fan.
  5. I'm not a fan of logos but in this case I think the Gayla is better than the Utility tote as it has more shape and and thick straps are more comfy.
  6. I like the shape of the Galya but not the logos and the look of the Washed Utility N/S Tote but not necessarily the shape. Sorry I know that wasn't much help... :push:
  7. Interesting ... many of you don't like logo bags ... why?
  8. I like the shape of the Gayla too and the logos aren't that noticeable so its alright.
  9. i like the first one
  10. I don't really like logos on my bag because I find it tacky. I don't need to wearing a bag that screams its from whatever brand it may be for the X amount of money I'm paying. I feel they should be paying me to carry a logo back instead coz it's almost advertising. :angel: That's one of the main reason I stay away from Coach, LV and Gucci. :p That's JMO. I hope I didn't offend anyone. :sweatdrop:
  11. I agree with Wen - I usually don't like bags that scream LV! or COACH!
    But in this case, I don't think many people know about the MbMJ scrambled letters logo and it's not really a logo if you think about it, it's simply a bunch of letters scrambled together!

    Both are nice, but I like the shape of the N/S tote better than the wider shape (E/W) shape of the Galya. It might be hard to find the Galya as well since this was a couple seasons ago!

    Good luck!