Which one do you prefer? Help me!

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  1. I'm looking for a green MBMJ bag! Which style do you prefer?

    Does anybody here have one of these MBMJ bags? I'd like to hear some opinions about them!

    verde.jpg camouflage.jpg
  2. I don't have either, but I like the hobo style better. Double straps always slip off my shoulder.
  3. i have the softy hobo, and i like it. it really depends on what style of bag you're looking for. if you have a tendency to carry a lot of stuff with you, then the utility tote would be a good choice. as thithi said, the double strap could get pretty annoying if you plan on shoulder carrying it. i'm not too crazy about the logo plaque being stuck to the front either. if it was just a tag hanging from the strap, it would looked better. on the plus side, i really like the color. the leather quality is nice. i love the distressed finish.

    the hobo is comfortable to use. it's roomy and can fit more than you would think. what i dislike about it is how it can look a bit shapeless if you're carrying very little in it. the paisley lining is very pretty though, and i use it as my casual/throw-around bag. it's not as long as the utility tote, so it seems more ideal for everyday use.
  4. i like the softy hobo better. I don't really like structured bags.
  5. I prefer the softy hobo too. I love the touch of the soft leather they use to make these bags.
  6. Well, I think the softy hobo bag is the winner, right?
  7. I like the Softy Hobo!
  8. So ... one more vote!!!
  9. hobo!
  10. hobo
  11. loving the softy hobo!
  12. They are both very cute!!