which one do you prefer??? Coach or Juicy Couture? pics inside

  1. I like the Juicy one!
  2. Juicy Couture one is cuter, plus it has zipper top which will surely keep the cards safely inside.
  3. I actually like the Juicy better.
  4. I dislike the heart on the Juicy one - IMO the Coach is more classic... I own one that has a snap that I really love. It goes with everything and is simple and beautiful.
  5. I like the Coach one the best : ).
  6. I think the juicy couture one is the best.
  7. I have a Juicy one like that, and it is so adorable and the leather is so soft! I love it! Coach is nice, too, I almost got that one as well, but I liked the style of the Juicy more. Plus I got it on sale at the outlet!
  8. I've owned one similar to the Juicy... so I guess I vote that one. BUT I'm a huge sucker for matchy-matchy items. I say buy the brand that goes with the rest of your bags. I'm scoping a LV one that isn't too terribly priced- looks like you are a LV fan too. :smile:
  9. Wow! Im surprising myself. Im a Coach-a-holic but I definetely like the Juicy one better. Its really cute!:love:
  10. JUICY!!! I am a juicy addict! I love it its so cute!
  11. ^ I agree :yes:

    The Coach one is nice, but it's really plain...
  12. I'd get the Coach one because it's more in keeping with the rest of my stuff but my name begins with a J so it would be cool to have the Juicy one with the big J on it! It just looks a little younger I think with the zip etc. It depends what you will use it for.
  13. i like the juicy :love:
  14. I usually prefer Coach, but I really like that Juicy one!