Which one do you like better?

  1. Hi, I've been thinking about which bag to buy. I've narrowed it down to the following:

    1) Hudson
    2) Perfo Musette - Fuschia
    3) Manhattan GM
    4) Petit Noe

    I really don't want a handheld bag and I want to be able to wear it over a coat in the winter, so not sure about the Manhattan? Fuschia lining on Musette, does that look ok in the winter? Also, is it too trendy, meaning it's not a classic, timeless bag? But it is a limited edition bag...so I need to hurry if I want one. I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Thanks! :smile:
  2. i love the Manhattan GM! it's the classiest bag out of the four:tender:. it'll definitely fit over a coat :yes:. the handles are pretty long.
  3. Manhattan GM!
  4. Manhattan GM or Noe:graucho:
  5. Manhattan GM all the way!!!!! :yes:
  6. I'm not a handbag person either, but if I had the money, I would so get the Manhattan GM! It's practical, stylish, and not very common (at least where I'm from). My second choice would be the Petit Noe, only because it's an oldie.
  7. Hudson or Manhattan!!!
  8. Hudson or Manhattan
  9. the Noe, I have one and I love it.
  10. 4) Hudson
    3) Perfo Musette - Fuschia
    2) Manhattan GM
    1) Petit Noe :yahoo:

  11. definitely manhattan gm!
  12. Manhattan GM. Love it!!
  13. My vote goes to the Manhattan! Second choice would be the Hudson. :yes:
  14. Ima Manhattan girl!!!
  15. Go for the Manhattan GM, it's fabulous and beautiful! I haven't tried mine over a winter coat, might be a little tight though. But I love everything about it, despite its heaviness...