Which One Do You Like Better???

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Which one do you like better??

  1. smooth calf leather

  2. guccissima leather

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  1. Do any of you have this bag?? what are the pros and cons with the leather?? I've gotten mixed reviews from SA's and friends........i know you experts can help. thanks in advance!
    bluehobo.jpg bluehobo2.jpg
  2. I have the tan and black leather ones-love them, Moe was it you who had the ivory and took it back or am I confused LOL!
  3. I have the black one, I bought almost a year ago and I still love it. The leather is a beautiful quality and it softens with each use. From your choices I'd have to pick the solid blue, you won't be disappointed!
    (8) Gucci Horsebit Leather Hobo, Large - 1400.JPG
  4. lol yes it was me with the ivory but i'm getting the blue now it just looks soo much better. I guess dark colors are slimming for handbags too:roflmfao:
  5. i'm a big fan of guccissima...
  6. Is this the Horsebit Hobo? I have it, as well as my mom. We both have the leather one and I love it. The strap does get a bit heavy though at times, but it is a gorgeous bag. I prefer the smooth look of the leather vs the gussisma
  7. I love the guccissima.
  8. OMG! My gf just presaled the leather navy large one. It was the last one. I fell in love, lust, yearning for it. I like them both. I love the GG's on the guccisima and I love the smooth leather on the other one. But, if I had to choose b/w the two I would pick the guccisima. I think its ROCKSTAR! :yes:
  9. i would pick either one-both are beautiful leathers(with the guccisima or without) because the style itself is just gorgeous on its own
  10. I think the Guccisma is more attracting.
  11. I'm still pretty torn between the 2 leathers....:sad:
    a friend of mine thinks the guccissima might be better since it looks more "expensive" and since the style is quite casual the smooth leather is nothing special and i can find similar styles and leather in other brands.
    I've also heard that the guccissima leather is alot stiffer than the smooth calf. I do want this purse to slouch with time since its quite big in size.....my bf, and SA likes the smooth....
    oh i donno I can't believe i'm stressing over a bag.......lol
    this really proves how much of an addict i am.
    it also doesn't help when the poll is at 50/50
    :shocked: :shocked:
  12. I like this bag in the guccissima.
  13. I like the Guccissima!!!:P
  14. LOL!! I wondered if the ivory leather was nice, I have never seen that one. I still prefer the smooth leather although I have read on PF that the guccisima doesn't show scuff marks as much as the smooth. The bag is large so it does bump against thing and I do have some marks, so that may be a consideration!
  15. Can you get them both since they are going on sale?????