Which one do you like better?

  1. I just purchased the Ali in Denim/White with the scarf and in July I purchased the Slim Flap in Denim-I don't think I really need 2 denim signature bags-The Slim Flap would probably be more practical since I could probably use it year round and looks great with brown tops and jeans-But the scarf on the Ali matches the scarf on my Thalia wedges- So whatcha girls think?
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  2. I personally like the Slim Flap better.
  3. IMO, the slim flap...elegant AND fun.
  4. I like the resort denim, but GET THE ONE YOU WILL USE MORE!
  5. i like Slim Flap better
  6. I also like slim flap better. Keep the one you will use the most. Slim looks like a year-round bag and is better looking...:tup:
  7. Sorry girls - I like the white!:p
  8. I love the Ali! The lacing is beautiful! The white & denim could go with brown or black.
  9. I like the ali better, but I also agree it is more seasonal... so go with what you like better, they are both great! :tup:
  10. The second one!
  11. I like the Ali better, but if you think you'll get more use out of the slim flap keep it. But you know they really are two different bags so I don't see any harm in keeping both.....:graucho:
  12. I like the Ali.
  13. I vote for the white Ali.
  14. I love the first one.
  15. I just bought the Denim ali on eBay today! Which one is more comfortable to wear and is the Ali alot heavier than the Slim Flap?

    Where did you buy your Denim Ali? I wonder if they have been showing up at the Outlet since summer is almost over.