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  1. Free People Dotted Mesh Empire Dress at Urban Outfitters



    Marc by Marc Jacobs Silk Satin Dress at Shopbop.com

  2. Second one :yes:
  3. I love the first one. It's very sexy!
  4. The first one...what is it for?
  5. second one
  6. The MJ but there's a big price difference right?
  7. Free People clothes have very similar design to Marc by Marc Jacobs. I don't know much about the quality of Free People clothing but they're more affordable compare to MJ. The reason I ask is because I'm interested in what people think since they look similar to me. A lot of my friends like MJ dress better because it's a well-known brand.
  8. 2nd.. marc by marc!! But im probably a bit biased since i love marc!! Im sure its probably a lil better quality also.
  9. 2nd
  10. I like the first one better
  11. 2nd one
  12. The Marc By Marc one.. even if it wasn't Marc Jacobs.. the first one is a little flimsy and floaty for my taste :heart:
  13. Marc Jacobs!!

    Not cos of the brand, but cos it's less sheer, and I prefer the length to the Free People dress. :P
  14. I like the first one better :smile:
  15. 2nd! :smile: