Which one do you like best?

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  1. I saw these three purses on sale but could not decide. They are pretty much for the same purpose & shape bags. Which one do you like best? Thank you in advance!
    Gucci_Jockey_1750_788.jpg Valentino_premier_Bow_1895_852.jpg Valentino_Folie_Bow_2095_942.jpg
  2. I like the 1st one.. color is more neutral and will stand the test of time better than the bow bags.. (of course I like them all -- but if was me I'd pick the 1st one)
  3. ^^ ITA, the first
  4. the first one
  5. i like the middle one.
  6. I like the middle one too.
  7. The first one.
  8. ^^ Agreed.
  9. i like the middle one, easier color to keep clean and a little more interesting looking.
  10. First for sure. It is a very elegant color, very neutral. Plus I like the simplistic look of it!
  11. Middle one, love the color!
  12. First!
  13. I like it all!!!!! :yahoo:

    But I like the third one best. Why doesn't anyone like it? =(
  14. I like the middle one! The color is gorgeous.
  15. loving the middle one! gorgeous color...valentino is on my wishlist :smile: