Which one do you like best ?

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  1. I bought an Ergo signature belted tote. Now I found a ergo black pebbled leather tote for slightly less. Which do you like better any why?:confused1:
  2. My preference would be a combination of the two, a leather belted ergo. (I have one so I am partial to it). But out of those two, I'd go with the pebbled leather tote. I love Coach leather.
  3. That would have been my first choice too. But the outlet I go to hasn't had a leather tote of any kind in over a month. So last week I finally bought the belted sig tote. Now they have the pebbled leather one.
  4. I would pick the pebbled leather over the signature.
  5. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of either. I dont care for pebbled leather for some reason, and I'm not too into signature either. Hmmm, that a tough one...I think in this case, the belt part would win me over and I'd choose the signature w/the belt. As was said above, belted in leather would be the ideal (but we cant always get that, can we?!!)
    If you're not certain, maybe take it back and wait for something else altogether.
  6. I would also go with the combo of the two and get an ergo belted tote! I am not a fan of the pebbled leather like I was when I was in my teens and early twenties. Good luck!
  7. ^^I realize it's the tote you're looking for, I just wanted to show you my ergo that I'm in love with. :love: I've gotta have a zipper on my bag so no one peeks inside and nothing falls out. That's not my auction, it's like my bag, though. I'd never sell it.
  8. Thank you ! I was looking for the tote though. I have the ergo chocolate sig. hobo. I have never bought anything off of ebay. I have looked many times though. What is the outlet bullseye?
  9. Your bag is beautiful .
  10. Even I want an ergo tote someday but I have to think a lot about it first because I don't like anyone looking inside my bag at my stuff if I set it down. It does look really convenient to get things in and out of really fast so I still may get one some day.
    The bullseye mark is an indentation mark that the outlets stamp onto the corner of the creed so that they know the bag was sold from an outlet. I found a pic of one off ebay to show you what it looks like. See the circle thingy in the right hand corner meaning it's an outlet bag? All my outlet bags have it. They're still covered under Coach's lifetime warranty.
  11. Thank you! I haven't been able to ever put it away in it's dustbag ever since I got it. Even when I'm using another bag I leave my belted ergo out on the dresser so I can admire it whenever I go in my room. lol and I'm always keeping it conditioned and dust free anyway. It's my favorite bag even more than my Leigh.
  12. Wow, I never knew about the bullseye. I learn something new here everyday. Thanks! I guess I will have to see the pebble in person and see what I think. I had ordered it white when it first came out, but the one they sent me was severely damaged so I sent it back. I love the open top on these bags .When your arm is in the straps it's to narrow for anyone to reach in. It also stands up by itself and it doesn't tip over . The khaki signature belted one I bought is really growing on me the more I look at it. But I'm still a little nervous about using such a light colored bag though I like the black trim. I'm rambling sorry.
  13. Can the pebbled leather get wet ?
  14. I actually like Coach pebbled leather. I had a white tote and the water didn't hurt it...but I know nothing about the black leather!!