Which one do you guys prefer?

  1. The Dior rasta boston bag or the trotter boston bag in pink.
  2. Rasta bag:smile:

  3. Rasta was my first choice, but when i saw the pink trotter i was having second thought..
  4. Pink trotter...sorry but I don't like the Rasta very much. the whole green yellow and red combination is a bit much for me (and this is coming from a huge Dior fan).
  5. The Pink trotter because it's an adorable bag.

    i'm not a big fan of pink or monograms, but after getting a trotter myself, i'm an absolute convert! the rasta seems a little, too trendy and more sporty i guess.

    i guess it depends on your dressing style too and personal preference. the trotter to me seems like a more feminine/girly sort of bag. whereas the rasta looks more like an everyday, rough it out sort of bag.
  7. Rasta Bag! I love the rasta collection it totally rocks!:yes:
  8. I think so :yes:
  9. thanks for all the response, i still cant decide which one to get.. lol..
  10. pink boston bag!!!!:yes:
  11. I like the rasta.
  12. rasta
  13. Finally, I've decided... I ordered the rasta boston bag and the vintage boston bag at the dior outlet.. Thanks for all the help!!!