Which one do you guys like better?

  1. Which one do you guys like better? It would be for my husband?


  2. cant see the pics hun...:shrugs:
  3. #1

  4. totally in love with the second one :heart: :heart: :heart: ! but i guess it also depends what his everyday style is...
  5. I like #1:yes:
  6. #2 seems more masculine IMO.
  7. i like #1 personally, but it does seem a little "trendy" as compared to #2 which is more of a classic everyday bag that would stand the test of time.

    that said, it's absolutely sweet of you to get your husband a dior bag!
  8. I like #1 too. It's so hip and funky.
  9. The second one is better.
  10. First
  11. It depends on your husband. If he is more classic then #2; but, if he is funky and unconventional and likes to be unique then I say #1.

    I like #1 more, and some men don't like logo merchandise.

    In the end they are both nice. :smile:
  12. Second...I :heart: Dior logos.

    (except if he's the type to like leather goods, the first bag is made of lambskin, which is really luxurious)