Which one do you carry more?

  1. For the ladies that have both GST and Cerf, which one do you carry more and why? Do you find yourself neglecting one over the other? Do you regret getting one or the other?

    I just got the Cerf and I love it, but now I want GST. What do I do?
  2. I have both, the GST in Black and White and the Cerf in Chocolate. I find myself reaching for the GST more...you can get into it without having to take it off your shoulder.....by just removing one of the two shoulder straps you can reach in without having to take it off (I cannot carry satchels with a two year old, I'd have to set him down every time I needed to get in my handbag). So I am actually thinking of selling my chocolate cerf and trying to find the GST in brown caviar!

    Goodluck. I think the cerf is lovely but it will not fit on your shoulder if you are wearing a coat or a heavier suit jacket. I think it really depends on how easily you need to be able to access your bag and for that I prefer the GST over the cerf tote!
  3. I carry Cerf more than GST because I feel the Cerf's handle is more durable.
  4. Thanks ladies.