which one do u think is prettier? coco cabas vinyl or satin?


vinyl or satin?

  1. vinyl

  2. satin

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  1. aside from the price, which one do u think will be more prettier?


  2. anyone have the satin can tell me how they cope with this bag?
    thanks :smile:
  3. I like the look of the Satin but I woudl be terrified it would snag. The vinyl is so hearty. Both are nice. But I lean towards the vinyl (I have that one)
  4. Absolutely Vinyl!!
  5. Vinyl!
  6. vinyl!
  7. I agree with Selena, I would be so afraid of the Satin bags easily getting snags. As for looks, they are both very pretty, but going for vinyl.
  8. ooh, you should take a look at the purple satin. that one is very vibrant and would shine more than the black one.
  9. evychew, i would LOVE to see the purple in person :yes:
    i've only seen the black one and it's very pretty and sophisticated in a way.
    but i'm afraid to break it :crybaby:

    i have a vinyl one otw, and seriously still can't take my mind off the satin one.

    i'm afraid it'll be ruined faster than a cannon ball and i'll end up with a series of chain and the logo only :roflmfao:
  10. The satin is beautiful, but you wont be able to use it much. Seriously. Once idiot rubbing past you and your done, or if you snag it with your ring! What is the price difference on these two bags. I know the vinyl is $995 but what does the satin run?
  11. Maybe it's just that picture, but the satin one to me looks cheap! Ironic, I know, since vinyl is the cheaper one. I prefer vinyl: edgier and such an of-the-moment bag!
  12. selena, the satin is more expensive... it's like 1300 something and yes, i agree it's a very dangerous "do not come near me" kinda bag :roflmfao:
    i guess if i'm a rich "car to bulding" kinda girl, i wouldn't have to worry about using the satin, but i'm not :p

    thanks girl for giving me your thoughts and preventing me for making some decision that would make me cry in the future :yes:
  13. I like the satin better- I would think it is a thick sturdy satin which would not snag so easily.
    Plus the purple color is just gorgeous!
  14. Satin! But prefer leather...
  15. I agree with sharbear.. love the satin! But practicality wise prefer the leather.

    Plus sea... wouldn't the satin coco cabas make your Balenciaga satin clutch redundant??