Which one do u prefer? Gucci or LV ????

  1. how everyone think about Gucci and LV??
    Which one is more better for you guys~~ ??
  2. There's really only one Gucci bag I like and it's the tote with the scarf threaded through the top. Otherwise, I'm all for LV. I really haven't found any other bags I like as much.
    Gucci goes on sale too much for me..I'd hate paying full price one day, then seeing it on sale not so long after. That happened with my Dior Girly bags and I was kind of mad.
  3. yes...I think thats the problem with Gucci...They goes on sale many times...But there is always not on sale the bag I really want to buy which is Gucci small Tote 139261!!!
    But sometimes LV bag make me bored maybe I only have monogram and Damier pattern whist Gucci one is fashionable....isn't it????
  4. I love LV (love the canvas...it's coated)... I love the koala clasp
    LOVE the patina...
    but love the guccisima monogramed leather....also the green stripe on some of the gucci's really draws me in. sigh...I don't own a gucci though, but I need [​IMG]

  5. Girl...say it twice. One of the most annoying things is to buy an expensive bag and then see it go on sale.

    I prefer LV over Gucci. I think Gucci is kind of played out now. I was in the Gucci area of Saks yesterday looking around and everything looked so...tired.
  6. Oh I know! My biggest example is of my Dior bags..I got my Girly Boston for a bit over $800 when it came out. Then a few weeks later it was on sale for less than $400!! I was SO mad :cursing:

    And I guess I feel like LV is a bit more classic..if I got a Gucci it'd be that tote I mentioned or a vintage doctor bag..otherwise, eh. I can do without it. I have a couple pairs of sunglasses and I got my mom a scarf for Christmas but the bags aren't really my thing.
  7. I only have LV for now, but keep wondering what I'm missing in Gucci...
  8. I don't know! I just can't choose, sure a lot of Gucci's designs seem a bit dated but theres just something about the green and red stripes on there classic boston bags that I just adore. Then with LV I can get really tired of it as I seem to see it all the time. BUT some of their pieces are so classic and some so fun and new, like the miroir, adele, and stephen styles etc.
    I honestly can't decide! Good question!:smile:(very thought provoking :p)
  9. Lv
  10. For me, it really quiet depends on the model. I will go for BH than Abbey Lingoto or I will go for Wave Boston than Speedy... something like that :smile:
  11. I have only one gucci and i really like it, but I don't use it too much. The rest is love for Louis! :yes:

    So, I might get 10 bags and half will be LV then 2 MJ, 2 Gucci and 1 Fendi.. hahaha I feel like sometime swiching it up is important to me.
  12. I have Gucci and LV bags. But only classic models. I don't think those go on sale. Gucci is very durable just like LV. But the brands have a different vibe... (Don't know how to explain it:shrugs:) So I wear the bags depending on how I feel that day. Do I feel Gucci? Do I feel Louis?
  13. I used to love Gucci and everything I owned was Gucci. I have recently become a LV convert though, and am loving it!! I still carry my Gucci's once in a while though! Just for something different :smile:
  14. I prefer Gucci, because there are soooo many bad fakes of LV in my area...That's one reason for me, not to get a LV :s I hate fakes!

    Gucci style is more elegant I think and that's what I like more about gucci than LV. ;)
  15. I love both Gucci and LV! ;) gucci is more fun and fresh whilst LV is classic. depends on my ensemble actually!