Which one do u like better? patent leather or regular leather on stam?

  1. Is the patent leather kinda plasticky? thanks for the opinion
  2. To be honest, I've never really been a big fan of patent leather, mainly because it feels synthetic and makes your arm/side feel clammy and sticky (particularly in Summer), since it's not breathable. I like lush, rich, naturally tanned or dyed leather that breathes and smells leathery. However, Marc Jacobs does use the finest patent leather materials for his bags, and if I liked patent leather, even a little, I definately wouldn't hesitate to get one of these while they are available, as they are indeed beautifully made, and don't look quite as tacky as some other patents out there, IMO, of course.

    ...oh, and speaking of the stam in particular, with its big chain hardware, the patent might be a just a tad bit overkill in the shininess department...
  3. I'm not a fan of patenet leather bags in general. I'd go with the regular leather.
  4. I'm not a big fan of patents, but Marc Jacobs does some really great patent bags.

    I actually prefer the chalk patent Stam to the regular leather chalk Stam. However, I am not a fan of the blush.
  5. I have never been a fan of patent leather, but my view's changed b/c of Marc Jacobs. His patent bags/wallets don't look plasticky at all, I actually prefer many of them (patent gives the bag a dressed-up look) over regular leather (too matte); I bought 2 in patent leather.

    Which color of Stam are you interested in?
  6. It's a toss up because they have totally diff. vibes IMO. The patent chalk stam is virtually indestructable. It is stiffer than the nappa, no doubt, and looks diff. shaplier. I love patent; it reminds me of summer. I just bought a lanvin turquoise patent that is divine. The patent gives another dimension to the color of the leather. I think you should own some of each!
  7. I loved the gloss of the patent stam, its lovely and grows on you more and more, to me its a perfect summer bag in the patent :smile:
  8. I'm not a fan of patent leather bags, having owned one that is just not holding up well. However, the patent leather bags from Marc Jacobs are definitely nice to look at, but I still think I would choose a "leather" stam/bag.
  9. i hate most patent leather bags, but i do like MJ's blush patent, both in the stam and the ursula bowler.
  10. I prefer the leather stam myself. While patent leather is always nice and in, I just think the stam looks better in the leather.
  11. Patent leather reminds me of the shoes I wore in kindergarten. I think on some bags, it might be fun, but I'm really more into leather.
  12. I have the patent Ursula and I love it! MJ did such a great job with it and it's such a great alternative, because all of my other bags are regular leather. And the patent pops...peeps spot it a mile away!
  13. Hey Pursey Purse,
    I agree... MJ did do a really good job with the patent bags. Although I have the black ursula bowler in REGULAR leather (which I love too). I think the patent black looks like a shiny new car (like you said)! People do spot it a mile away!:P
  14. i prefer the stam in the regular leather but all the other bags are beautiful in patent!