Which one do i get...HELP (please)!

  1. Do i keep the one in camel or get the brown..im headed to the mall in 5 min...
  2. I like the camel... but maybe that's because the stock photo of the brown one makes the C's on the bag look super busy with all the hardware and pockets it already has.
  3. My vote is for the camel!
  4. I love the camel! I just ordered this bag in black, cant wait to get it! the sig is way to busy I think IMO
  5. I didnt leave for the mall. I figured i'd wait to hear back from you lovely ladies (& I put my boys down for their naps)
    Im going to think about it. I do love the leather hmmm.
  6. keep the camel! I love that color and hope to own the Leigh in it! The leather is soo gorgeous!
  7. I must be the only one that likes the brown!
  8. I absolutely love the camel color. I bought the shoulder bag in camel but returned because I didn't like the 07 shoulder bag. I'm still missing that color. :push:
  9. I love the camel. I agree that the brown looks a bit busy.
  10. You guys are so helpful I do love the brown but theres nothing like the feel of leather.
    Cverhoff I like the 06 satchels better. The hardware was nicer (IMO)
  11. I agree. I like the 06 Legacys better too. You gotta keep that camel...it looks SO GOOD with your dark jeans! Just love it. :tup:
  12. I'm in the minority here, I prefer the dark brown sig. But choose the one YOU love and will fit your needs.