Which one Damier Mini Pochette or Denim Cles?

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Which One ?

  1. Damier Mini Pochette

  2. Denim Cles

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have both of these on my shopping cart in Elux. And can only get one. Dads gift to me. So i have no idea which one?? Please help.
  2. Which one would you use more?
  3. What other bags do you have?

    What do you think you will get more use out of?
  4. ^ i have more big bags not little ones. I was thinking the Damier so i can put it in my big bag and when i need to go do something out of work go to the bank and stuff i just leave the big bag at work and take the little one out... and the cles i just think i so cute. and i dont have any denim LV it would be my first piece.
  5. Have you seen the denim cles in real life? I am a HUGE denim fan but when I saw it in real life I was a bit disappointed. The price seemed very high for something so tiny and flimsy feeling. I would get the mini pochette, it holds more and fits in most bags (I can even use it in my vernis reade).

    Good luck!
  6. Mini pochette...you want something more substanial if its a gift from your Daddy. :P And its very useful to put inside a bigger bag. I have one in Azur and love it. Do you already own a cles?
  7. I voted denim cles, I hate the chain on the mini pochette
  8. Denim cles :biggrin:
  9. mini pochette!
  10. ^^^ I owe the rond groom cles and the normal groom cles. and in pochette i own the Mono pochette, azur pochette, and cerise pochette. and black and yellow epi pochette. But the mini pochette nothing......
  11. Definitely the mini pochette since you've already got a few cles ! :yes:
  12. Mini Pochette !!!
  13. Denim cles... I think it's cute!
  14. Go for the denim cles -- I think it's really cute and you already have a lot of pochettes (if not mini-pochettes).
  15. I voted for the Damier mini pochette. You can put way more into it.