Which one? Confused!

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Again, I'm so confused. Yesterday, ordered the blue Peyton carryall.
    Having second thoughts with the color. Is it too "loud" to carry all year? I already have black, grey, dark brown, and camel in different styles, Peyton, Maggie, Zoe.

    I saw the Tribeca in Gray and can't decide.

    Here's the two...

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  2. I don't think the blue color is to loud I think it is very pretty and will go with a lot. However the gray tribeca will go with everything. I personally have a tribecca and love the style of it. I tried on the peyton and it sat right under my armpit and I did not like it. I love the chain strap on the tribecca and it is very comfortable.
  3. I do not find this to be a loud blue but if you like shades like Black, Gray and Briown.. The Gray Tribeca would work better for you..
  4. I love the blue, and think it will work year round, but I love colour in my purses. I actually own only 1 black purse in my collection of 15. That being said the grey tribecca is also very nice. Go with what you feel comfortable with they are both great choices.
  5. I too love the color of the Peyton and definitely don't think it's too loud. As for bag specificity, I don't have either nor have I tried them on, however from a color stand point I say if you aren't choosing between styles then keep the Peyton. You already have a grey so there's no use in duplicating it unless you really like the color.
  6. I have the Peyton carryall in blue and I love it. It's not loud at all and is a nice color accent since a lot of my clothes tend to be gray, black or brown. That being said, if you love purses that are those colors, then get the Tribeca. All that matters is that you love what you have.
  7. Hi,
    Both are very nice~ I would go for the Blue Peyton - It is a nice blue shade!!! It will be a nice addition to your collection!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. I like the blue
  9. Out of these two, I prefer the Tribeca.
  10. That's a very pretty blue, and I can see it working all year round. If you wear jeans a lot then it will definitely work since you'll have some other blue to tie in with it, or if you wear more neutral colors it'd make for a nice pop itself.
  11. I pick Tribeca I saw peyton IRL and didn't care for this one the blue is TDF but the brown on it was not calling my name
  12. Wow, thank you all for your replies. I will probably have to go back to the Coach store and check them out again. Whew, they know me by my first name. Kind of embarrassing.