Which one? - City or Purse?

  1. Should I go the City or Purse? :confused1: Has anyone got both?
  2. Ihave both; it depends on the look you are going for and how you will be wearing the bag. The purse had a bit more of a feminine shape to it, while the City has an edgier feel/look to it. For function wise, I prefer the Purse as the pockets are deeper. HTH!
  3. Thanks Becca. I'm finding it really hard to make a decision ... I started out not liking the City. Then I started looking at all the pic that people were posting and it's really starting to grow on me. I think I liked the Purse because it was closer to the First in shape ... curvier ... less boxy ... but bigger than the First. Did you find that the Purse seemed to hold it's shape better ie. that it was less floppy?
  4. I HAD both and I prefer the City ... it is more fun and casual I think ... the Purse had a more "grown up", dressy feel to it ( I am 38 by the way - LOL!)
  5. I have both and prefer the City. While the Purse does have the nice rounded corners, bigger pockets, and slightly longer handles, it just tends to look big and flat on me. I still looove my Purse but wouldn't buy another one. Oh, plus I gotta have the shoulder strap! Tough choice though!!!
  6. I totally understand what you meen. :P
    I love the city. I think the style perfectly reflects the spirit of the line.
  7. It also depends on how you like to wear it. If you prefer over the shoulder, the Purse fits there better and sits nice and flush against the body. You can also wear the City over the shoulder, but with less ease. The City's shoulder strap is nice too, but doesn't stay put on the shoulder as well as if you were to use the shorter handles.

    City is rocker chic. Purse is grown up with an edge. I love them both, but I'm one of the worst gluttons around here and like every shape and size of these Bbags.
  8. LOL DEco!!!!

    I think that the city is def more motorcycle like. the purse is more comfortable to wear. Maybe it's wiser to get a purse right now as it'll be hard to find one in the future.
  9. I have both and I like them equally. The Purse is a true shoulder bag and is the most feminine style IMO. That is why I chose to get my Purse in pale rose. The City can be carried as a satchel or over the shoulder. However, it does not stay on the shoulder as well as the Purse. I always carry the City as a satchel. I would suggest you get the Purse before it becomes unavailable.
  10. Go with the purse - you can always get the city later. I actually think it looks really good in the bright colors, too. It's my favorite style.
  11. i had both, and i adored them the same way.