Which one? Blk 2.55/Blk classic flap MM lock/Blk 2.55 pearl?

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Which style is better?

  1. Black lambskin 2.55

  2. Black classic flap w/ Mademoiselle lock

  3. Black lambskin 2.55 pearl

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  1. If you have to pick just 1 out of these 3.. which one would you pick?
    tough choice.. really..
    the 2nd one it's available now, 2.55 lambskin, I have to wait and I'm not sure wheater I'll get it or not.
    Some advise pls? TIA =)

    1. Black lambskin Re-issue in 226 or 227, gold hardware $2350 or $2400+
    *pic from thegraceful thread

    2. Black Classic flap w/ Mademoiselle lock in distress lambskin or caviar, dark silver hardware $2595 - $2695

    same bag, clearer pic: (I want it in Black)

    3. Black lambskin 2.55 pearl, gold hardware $2900+
    click for bigger pic
  2. My vote goes to #1. It's such a classic beauty!
  3. First choice mine of course (first one), because it classy and I do believe you can wear everyday ( I dont believe there is one in 227?), the last one is almost the same but a little bit more on the flashy side becasue of the pearls and mirror, and the caviar in black is also pretty but more edgy.
    Good luck on your choice!
  4. 1st one
  5. 1st one for sure! classic and absolutely timeless.
  6. Black lambskin 2.55
  7. yeah, I choose the 1st one too...
  8. I like the one with pearls as you can always take it off and use as a necklace or a belt. It doesn't cost a lot extra so I'd say the 3rd one. I'm going to get that one but when will it become avaliable?
  9. 1st choice is 2.55
    2nd choice is 2.55 with pearls
  10. I'm Loving the first one definitely, thats the one I would go for. :yes:
  11. Definately the first one if you can get hold of one....
  12. ...but i think it's distressed calfskin and not lambskin?
  13. the first one by all means!:yes:
  14. vote for 2.55 black!!!
  15. I just bought #2 and using it everyday :flowers: but I won't mind having a #1. #3 is quite dressy somehow.