which one better vernic grand blue or blanc corail ?

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  1. I wanna buy my next lv, should i go with vernic grand blue or blanc corail ?
    And should i choose brea or alma?
    I have 3 alma's now.. In DE, Bb-epi red and vernic rose angelique...
    I love the blanc corail vernic.. But when i saw the grand blue colour i fell in love with that colour too.. So i'm confused now..:sad:
  2. Brea MM in Grande Bleu :biggrin::biggrin:
  3. +1!!!!!

  4. +2!!😃
  5. Brea MM in lilas!
    Sorry, I know that is off topic but I am getting obsessed with this color...
  6. Vernis Grand Blue.
  7. Grande bleu :smile:
  8. Grande Bleu!
  9. i second that:graucho:
  10. +1
  11. I have both colors. The blanc corail is too close to rose angelique to warrant the purchase. I would trade my Blanc for Rose Angelique if that helps. Go with the Bleu.
  12. Blue ~~~