Which one? Batignolles, BH or BV?

  1. I've been looking at these three bags Batignolles, BH or BV, to see which one I like better. I know most of you girls have at lease one of these, so which one is your favorite and why? I'm short - only 5'2/5'3 so I am afraid the ones with the longer straps - BH and BV, would either sit too low on me, or darwf me. It almost looks like the Batignolles could maybe fit over the shoulder? What do you girls think? I have a budget of around 650, and this seems like the most bag for my money. I'm open to suggestions though!
  2. I prefer the BH. I'm not a fan of the vertical because it it deeper. I put so much in my bags and I hate digging around to find everything.
  3. If I were a girl and would have to choose between those three bags, I would choose the BV because it would suit my size.
  4. Ilike you i'm short so going for a Bv I thinkwould hang too low on my. I have opted for the BH.. :smile:
    As for the regular B, unless you're TINY it isnt going to fit over your shoulder, also with a jacket its not going to happen and if it does it will be very uncomfy.
    If you're looking for just a hand bag go for the regular B otherwise go for the BH :yahoo:
  5. I would find that to be an issue as well.
  6. BH. I love the BH,I just wish it had a top zip...
  7. compare the 3
    BV is 15.3" deep, the BH is 11.8" deep compared to the reg b 9" < this is an inch deeper then a speedy 30 to give you an idea.

    the BH is almost as deep as a speedy 30 is long
    comare 3.jpg
  8. I vote for the BH. I am also 5'3. Originally I went in planning on buying the BV but after trying them both on. It was no question I MUCH preferred the BH over the BV. I thought the BV made me look even shorter. And it is also too deep.

    I love my BH!!!!
  9. This helps alot! Thanks!
  10. ^^ anytime.
  11. BH! I am 5'3 as well and I'm already missing the one that I just sold!
  12. I'm 5'1 and I just bought BH 4 weeks ago. I love how the BH looks on me. BV looks weird on me for some reason.
  13. Bh!
  14. I am 5'4" and I have a BH. It works out well. I think you should get a BH.
  15. BH I love mine!