Which ONE Bal Bag is your dream bag??

  1. If you could wave a magic wand and could get your hands on only ONE dream Bal bag, which bag would it be? (Not sure if this thread has been done before, but I thought it might be fun.)

    Me: Black Flat Brass Hobo :love:
  2. If it was done before, it was before I was on this forum!
    Flat brass first, very first edition.
  3. Oh and maybe we should post pics. Just so we can collectively drool.
  4. flat brass 1st edition ..any form...classique, hobo, tote whathaveu...distressed or pebbled!
  5. anis twiggy

    (anyone not see that coming?)
  6. 04 Rose twiggy- drool!
  7. taupe city


    anis city
  8. 04 rose classique.....
  9. I would love to have a metallic magenta, '05 Spring turquoise, & apple green first. Of the three I probably want the magenta the most. I am a sucker for pink!
  10. 05 turquoise work, city, or twiggy!
  11. Since we are dreaming, I am going to customize a bit...an eggplant box with pewter hardware :love:
  12. Dolma Green City!! :heart: I promised myself that i'd stop buying bbags when i got that one!
  13. I also have to go with the first edition flat brass First!
  14. Dolma green first or city. *sigh*
  15. Mushy smushy slightly wrecked black city. And she's all mine already!