Which one bag would you get before the price increase?

  1. If you had to choose one bag to get which one would it be?
  2. Jumbo Classic Flap! I'm going to call tonight. If they have it i am going to get it!!!!!!!....if not then it must no be meant to be!!
  3. Jumbo classic flap in red caviar! :yes:
  4. just ordered bordeaux reissue size 227 today! i heard it might or might not be included for the price increase, but i wasn't going to take any chances! hah i would love a jumbo caviar in black, too, but i'm extremely satisfied with my purchase today.:love: can't wait to see it!
  5. Can we buy/ pay now for a Jumbo caviar red bag before its avaiable get it before the price:idea: goes up?
  6. Good question...............I want a red caviar Jumbo Flap too, can it be had before the increase??? Is it available anywhere yet???
  7. I agree with above, Jumbo Classic Flap.
  8. only one more day left before the increase.. i'm thinking of getting another classic flap in white, but i have work tomorrow and most likely wont make it to Saks!!! i am so frustrated right now. i will be so angry at myself for not buying it before the inncrease.. can we put one on hold?
  9. Apparently neither NM or Saks has any beige GST or jumbo/large classic flaps or wallets in their system. Oh well, I tried.
  10. My S/A @ the boutique in the Bellagio Las Vegas says the patent is not included in the price increase. So instead of getting the caviar or lambskin I may go with patent. I am going to check his stock on the Jumbo classic flap tomorrow and decide.
  11. yes, as long as its pre-ordered... you pay for that price. thats y i ordered my cosmetic bag and tomo i'm going to order a plain classic wallet to match my bags.
  12. from what I know, you cannnot "pre-order" chanel bags. You can get on a list and they will call you when it comes in, but you cannot first prepay. I asked Chanel and Neimans, but you probably still want to double-check this!
  13. A black Kelly. :love:

    Eventually, I hope!!!
  14. To make the most out of your $$, a jumbo flap, if that is the size you like. And assuming the prices go up proportionally on the caviar and lambskin, you would "save" more $$ on the lambskin. :yes:
  15. I just bought a black medium classic flap in caviar. I can't imagine paying $2G for it!