Which one: Baby Cabas or Vintage Ligne large tote?

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  1. Assuming that I can find both available somewhere on the planet :s , which one do you prefer, the black baby cabas or the vintage ligne large tote. If you prefer the tote, which color the black or brown? I've become totally chanel obssessed lately. :yes:
  2. I prefer the baby Cabas over the Vinatge Ligne. Color: What do you wear more of?
  3. I wear both black and brown. But I seem to gravitate toward black leather bags. Maybe it's because I have alot of LV mono and damier which are "brown" to me.
  4. i personally like the vintage ligne more. the tote is great in both the black or dark brown, but i've always wanted a black one myself.
  5. I personally totally prefer the Vintage LIgne.
    I prefer teh style, the leather, the quilting and I think it has a lot more stayiong power personally.
    Also, the Cabas is just too floppy and gaping for me personally.

    When you say large tote, do you mean the E/W Vintage Tote?
    I'd go for black. There's 2 browns, one is dark and the other is more of a tobacco color.
  6. Swanky, actually I would like the same one you have except in black. Do you know if those are available or hard to find?
  7. I have no idea. Sorry! But I ADORE my bag!!!
  8. I prefer the Vintage Ligne Tote. Whichever color you need--the black and dark brown are gorgeous.

    The black N/S tote is available, but is hard to find. It is best to have an SA at a boutique do a computer search for you and she can order the bag in from whichever boutique has one available.
  9. I prefer the baby Cabas..I havent stopped wearing my Cabas since I got it..I cant remember ever loving a bag this much..I was really surprised at how much I adore this bag...!!!
    Plus..EVERYWHERE I go..people drool over it..its really a stunning bag....
  10. Brown...

    It can be dressed up or dressed down...

    Black...tends to be more formal.

    Good luck!
  11. personally I like the baby cabas a lot more. I have tried the vintage ligne large tote but it looks too bulky on my petite frame, though the baby cabas is also a large bag, for some reason it doesn't look overwhelming on me. The baby cabas is also a lot edgier and hip than the vintage ligne tote IMO. I totally love the baby cabas and can't wait to get it.
  12. baby cabas for me
  13. Pinkish which colour baby cabas do you recommend?

    The teal or the white?
  14. I would go for the Vintage Ligne because like other said, it will wear it longer. I just saw the baby cabas yesterday at Chanel Nordstrom in both black & white. It is a pretty bag but really does look & feel different from the original cabas. My SA said that there is a wait list but they are going through it pretty quickly because once they see it, it isn't what most people expected. If you really want it, at least put you name on the waitlist.
  15. baby cabas wins my vote anytime.