Which one as my first Fendi?

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
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    Hi everebody! Last week bought my first Fendi - mini-baguette. It is fantastic in quality and the colour turned out to be a pleasant suprise - I was ready to settle for espresso-brown, but it turned out to be black)))... I have been wanting a very classic, timelessly elegant bag for a long time. So, this bag is perfect classics for me. The size is what I need right now - as I have enough huge bags. Also, I have been eyeing it for over a year - in fact, I missed the one in patent leather a year ago and since then had it on watch.
    Here is my darling (sorry, I do not have a camera within a reach, so the web picture):
    The only thing is... Today I have discovered another Fendi which is pretty brilliant too, bigger... but not too big... so I am in a kind of mental unrest... My only issue is that I tend not to buy bright bags: I had experience with them lying idle for years, whereas black-brown-beige are the colours I am finding more practical (i.e. politically correct and hence applicable to my lifestyle). But I do love the brightness of orange and I do remember having been in love with this bag when it first came out.
    Could you please help me settle for one bag? Pleeease!!!
    88727_1.jpg 840_5066_001.jpg
  2. I love the chef bag, and it does come in lots more colors including black and brown leather as well as zucca fabric.
  3. Thanks for the input! I have forgotten to mention that I am choosing between these 2 bags and that is it: 1) I have a principle to pay a certain amount for a bag (regular price for either of these bags exceeds my 450 euro limit, so sale is the only option for me); 2) I do not like anything non-leather or louis-vuittonish (i.e. logos are deeply vulgar in my belief)
  4. I don't do logos, either. Maybe if neither of these bags is exactly what you are looking for you should consider waiting around for something that better fits what you are looking for?
  5. Chef bag more youthful, casual & versatile look, lots of selection too, the other just Classic Baguette look.

    Recently i bought a gift for my friend at Fendi during my holiday trip at Korea, you might want to check it out.